Writing Diversity...

- writers: rigorously examine how you are writing in regards to the social default… if your main characters are white, straight, able-bodied, male… ask your self why… why was that a story you wanted to tell, what would it do to change that default.

-Whose stories are you/others telling, why do you place the importance on them?

-Show female friendship, queer friendship, POC friendship…- deny and destroy the shitty idea that there is one “best” woman or gay person, or POC who is allowed to play with the boys and has to be everything to everyone. Deny solely portrayals of infighting and catfighting, and of minorities tearing each other down, show the love and support your own communities and friendships give you.

-Do your research and admit your faults- don’t be scared away from writing about an experience that isn’t yours just because you are worried about the limiting idea of “write what you know”.

-Everyone- vote with your dollar, buy diverse books, films, comics… support small scale indie ventures which are pushing the limits of storytelling.

-Collaborate and make allies in your field, whatever that might be, who have the same long term goals for society. Support each other. Share ideas, projects and resources.

- Mentorship is key- find one and become one, share your knowledge and experience.